Discover how this little shark can be likened to ones own attributes and one can have a positive influence on those around them. Snap also demonstrates through (rhythmic rhyme)- how sharks balance our marine ecosystem.
Learn how a fear of something can often be overcome with courage, humor, and inquiry.

These two siblings keep busy with chores, homework and playtime...all while up and down the stairs they go! Developing ethics through motivation, responsibility, discipline and reward. (rhyming story)
A Halloween (rhyming story) with spirit. Little Jack & Boo are examples of how important it is to be a good friend. Good relationships come from caring, listening, kindness and forgiveness. 

Identical story as "Little Jack & Boo -What could we do this Halloween?" Only this version has a color palette of black and white with shades of gray and homage to books of the 1940's  50's and 60's
A charming Christmas classic. See how this little tree unexpectedly discovers the meaning of love, family, and holiday traditions.
This (rhyming) story portrays how children may perceive someone they don't know, that their judgements or ideas aren't always right. It concludes with a funny and pleasant surprise.

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"They're Back!" Little Jack & Boo return in their second book adventure. In this (rhyming story) the duo learn through their local newspaper of two festive events they could attend. Some things don't go as planned, but new friends are gained along the way.